Tearing down walls

If you haven’t heard Heavyweight yet, why not start with episode 5, Galit?  In this episode, our hero Jonathan meets with his first love, and examines the impact of his first broken heart.

“‘We all get hurt,’ she writes.  ‘And we all build walls to protect ourselves… and then spend the rest of our lives trying to take down those walls. […] the ability to fully give and receive love seems to get more complicated as we get older.'”

In love, isn’t it all about painstakingly deconstructing walls that seemed to go up in an instant?  Now that I know that the hurt won’t kill me, I feel like most of adulthood is an attempt to retrain my heart and brain to be as pure and open as it once was.

The same goes for education.  Somebody tells us, once, that we’re not good at something, and we veer so sharply.  In my creative program area, we have implemented curriculum that encourages risk-taking, and turns failure into learning opportunities.  It’s a step in the right direction, but my students are already so damaged by the time they arrive.

A fellow learner in an online teaching MOOC shared this Ted Talk with me, and I’m grateful for the reminder – this is why I’m here.  I work to provide safe environments for students to tear down their own walls, and mend the broken children inside.

Makes me think of Kintsugi – the Japanese art of repairing broken china with gold.  It is the scars that make us beautiful.






Today I scoured the city for inspiration.  Art left me empty, trains of thought hit dead ends.  And then my daycare provider sent me this song, saying my kid really liked it.