Zander Olsen’s Tree, Line brings two of my loves together: art that interacts with the natural landscape (Olsen describes them as “site specific interventions in the landscape”), and art that invites the viewer into a perspective shift.  Considering the latter, I revel in these glimpses of a different way of looking at the world.  Like perhaps I can keep my brain in this alternate universe for a moment, and solve a problem that’s confounded me.




This piece by Graziano Locatelli is haunting me.  It landed in my instagram feed while I was away camping for the last week.  I keep going back to it, sending it to another friend, going back to it…  art-graziano-locatelli-03b-664x1000

But perhaps more haunting is the mystery of his personal website.  Why did he let it expire?  Who is this Japanese beef-loving party planner who’s taken over?  How does such an unattractive WordPress theme exist?  The mistranslation from party planner to social worker is so satisfying!

I recommend poking around on his facebook page for “i Pop”.


I haven’t been on a first date for almost 15 years.  I was in a long term relationship, and now I’ve been single a couple of years.  I’m still circling around the idea of online dating.  One of my friends had a great idea: an online dating platform that centred around events.  Like, I want to go to this concert, or I want to check out this cafe, let’s see who I can find within my desired demographic who wants to go, too.  I would love this.  Maybe because it would take the pressure off.

One friend made it clear on her profile that she only wanted to meet for 20 minute dates.  She set the rules ahead of time: we will decide, after we part, whether we want to see each other again.  This way she wouldn’t waste time with someone where there was no chemistry.

Another friend used a platform where you enter hundreds of variables, and look for the best match.  She then spent a lot of time getting to know her best matches online, before seeing them in person.  She felt that in-person chemistry got in the way of her better judgement, so she wanted to make sure she liked them as a person, before checking for a spark.

I think both perspectives are so smart, and both these friends are in successful long-term relationships.  Yet here I am, full of reasons not to start.  I would really, really prefer to meet someone in person… but it’s not happening, and I’m now realizing how desperate I am for male attention.  I keep it together, I’m not acting like a maniac, but it occupies a lot of my brain.


Today I scoured the city for inspiration.  Art left me empty, trains of thought hit dead ends.  And then my daycare provider sent me this song, saying my kid really liked it.


About a year ago I made up a story for my kid, and it was wonderful.  Now, of course, I remember it like a dream.  Why didn’t I start this sooner?

  • One character had a piece of fabric that looked like the night sky one one side, and the day on the other.  When she shook it out, it would suddenly bring her back and forth between the day and the night (alternate magical dimension).
  • At one point she was running to escape something.  She dropped something on the forest floor, and it fell into the soil.  She shook out her fabric and in the night dimension it grew into a tree that went into the sky.
  • Or maybe it was the tree that grew a nut, and inside the nut was the fabric?

Last night I finished reading “Lucky Break” by Roald Dahl to my daughter, who was very interested and patient despite being four.  He describes his little book of ideas, some of which grew into his wonderful stories.   Continue reading